ixd103 week 04 reflection and tasks

Kinds of Identification Uniqueness Value Holding Power Description Association Tone of Voice Graphic excellence (quality) Reputation Discretion Repetition (& recognition) Design Programme When a trademark is used to identify an organisation, it works together with other graphic elements in a design programme, each part of the plan for a visual identity. Through this a company […]

ixd103 week 02 reflection and tasks

1 Hour Task Write your first name using letterforms made only out of these geometric shapes. Circle, square, and triangle. Consider… What is necessary to make the letters recognisable? What can be left out? How do you differentiate the letters enough but maintain a consistency?     Pentagram Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio. […]

ixd103 – Creating my Brand

Tone of Voice Fun Professional Friendly caring   Word bank Fun Caring Dedicated Approachable Diverse Inclusive Hard-working Confident Friendly Professional Unique Innovative Comfortable Welcoming Optimistic Mindful Enthusiastic   Brand Dictionary clients – friend, collaborators potential employees- collaborators, partner to create an environment that is; supportive caring uplifting   Brand Values Unique – to offer a […]

ixd103 week 06 reflection and tasks

Applications What can we apply our brand to? business card social media adverts banners websites email signature HTML email campaigns portfolio packaging studio corporate gifts apparel merchandise literature (leaflets etc) presentations/ prototypes blimps food Others from slides Portfolio Website – will be working on this as a deliverable soon Head Paper – for letters, invoices […]