Day: May 4, 2021

ixd104 week 11 one to one tutorial reflection

One to One Tutorial with Paul Below is the icons and illustrations I had ready for tutorial   Below is my infographic to date Tutor Comments pull figures and make them stand out incorporate title into wave play on key statistics maybe consider looking into the costs of the aftermath houses look very Dutch, maybe…Continue Reading ixd104 week 11 one to one tutorial reflection

ixd104 week 10 reflection

Big Data This refers to data so large, fast or complex that it’s impossible to process. Since the early 200s industry analysts considered this: Volume: Organisations collecting data from big resources and cheaper storage solutions have come into play. Data storage is growing at an unprecedented rate and speed. The more people on board with…Continue Reading ixd104 week 10 reflection

ixd104 week 08 reflection

Designing Infographics Infographics are graphic representations of information, data or knowledge designed to present information quickly and clearly. Telling a story Infographics should leave you feeling informed. All infographics communicate information, and there are two approaches: Explorative Narrative   They communicate something meaningful, something of value, worth telling. If the information is incomplete or untrustworthy,…Continue Reading ixd104 week 08 reflection

ixd104 week 05 reflection

Tying it all Together By now you should have: Icon set(s) – master apprentice and own Cityscape(s) – master apprentice and own A UI Design idea on paper/digital   Principles of User Interfaces Format Content Think about layout on the screen. Is it a mobile or tablet, and does it fit comfortably? Touch controls: consider…Continue Reading ixd104 week 05 reflection

ixd104 week 04 reflection

Illustrating Interfaces By now you should have done: Master apprentice exercises Mind-mapping ideas Sketches and wireframe The Interface Why illustration in UI? Types on illustrating UI Styles of illustrating UI Workflow… illustrating UI. The essence of illustration To clarify To make clear by giving or by serving as an example or instance To provide with…Continue Reading ixd104 week 04 reflection

ixd104 week 03 reflection

Hand to Mouse Looking at different approaches to illustration through different illustrators. Illustrations can be- Tablet drawn (pro create) Vectors Illustrator / Photoshop / Figma / Sketch Hand drawn on paper.   Jorge Colombo I really like Colombo’s style, simple but his use of colour is effective to his work. I particularly like his illustrations…Continue Reading ixd104 week 03 reflection