IXD101 Follow the Rythm

I began by picking a song and for me, that was pretty clear cut and had to be “Feels like summer” by Childish Gambino and it reminds me so much of summer. Due to this I wanted to depict the summer mood as much as possible and began by looking for inspiration.                                   Using these I created some sketches in my book:                                                                               After this, I went into Photoshop and created some drawings, and played around with the style I wanted to draw it in. I tried making it more painterly however I found that block colors worked quite well.                   After this, all I had to do was add the font and text. For this, I looked at multiple fonts in adobe and on google fonts and felt like I wanted a handwritten font but couldn’t find […]

IXD102 Wire Frames

I have now completed the 1000 words and have a bit left to go on the essay. These are some wireframe sketches I drew up in my sketchbook. the main inspiration is from the penguin books and the work Jan Tschichold created himself.

IXD102 Group presentation research – Bauhaus and the New Typography

We decided that we would do Bauhaus and the New Typography. So I decided to begin to do some general research. http://www.designhistory.org/Avant_Garde_pages/BauhausType.html https://anm102pm.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/anm102-ch16-bauhaus-and-new-typograph.pdf https://www.widewalls.ch/magazine/bauhaus-typography To say that the whole graphic design industry owes its life to the Bauhaus movement would be a serious understatement. The Bauhaus typography is especially credited for the development of modern day graphic and industrial design. There have been numerous articles and studies on the effects of the German school on today’s art world, but today, we are choosing to focus on the Bauhaus typography and bring you the best of the best of this category. But first, let’s look back on what Bauhaus is, and why is it so important. The Bauhaus School was founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919. The movement sought to utilize the 20th-century machine culture and create buildings, design, and furniture in a useful way. They encouraged the usage of modern technologies and believed that form follows function and that the artist and the craftsman should be united in one individual, and focused on the productivity instead of the mere beauty of the design. The Bauhaus School taught typography, and they were strong advocates of sans-serif type, as they believed that its simplified geometric form was more […]

IXD101 100 Iterations

We were as a group, mainly focusing on line and point in our research. When we were asked to create 9 slides using one of the point line or plane. I recently began climbing about 2 months ago and have been adding it to my training about 3/4 times a week for a few hours. as soon as I got this task and went climbing I thought of all the faces created by the holds and the planes made up to create them. I took them into photoshop and drew on them a bit to make them more fun and engaging and to amplify the character I saw in each of the holds.

IXD102 Type Specimen Updated

After the Group critique on Friday I decided to take some of the advice I had noted down from the tutors and applied them two my type specimens. I ended up messing around a bit more to try and make them work and was fairly happy with my outcomes. These are the follow-ups of my alterations:

3D rendering using Blender

I have never used a Blender before and after seeing a few examples of rendered images I thought I would give it a go. for those who don’t know Blender is an open-source program that allows you to create 2D and 3D scenes, animations, and renders. Blender is one of the most popular modeling programs and is very popular with hobbyists and small scale companies. My interest in Blender was using it for the purpose of creating and rendering scenes and playing around with lighting and composition. I thought that as I’ve never used it before I should set myself a project which was made easier with the assignment of IXD101. So I decided to create a night scene of a person riding a unicycle and falling off at night. This would allow me to mess around with creating models and experiment with light and rendering. I didn’t have very high hopes however after watching a lot of youtube videos I managed to model my first object which was a streetlight.                  

IXD102 Type Specimen

We went in on Friday and received feedback on our sketches. Initially, I used stencils to create mine however the feedback I received said that they were all very similar and didn’t really seem to be three independent type specimens. So when I went home I drew up some more ideas really quickly. I tried to make some sketches using different ideas etc. From there, I developed some computer-based ideas based on the sketches and planning that I had done. I also messed around with the inverted colors and was quite happy with what was produced. I was quite happy with how these turned out in my opinion the last version is my favorite as I enjoy the simplicity and use of negative space. All in all, I really enjoyed this project and hope for some good feedback on ways in which to improve on my designs. I definitely found it hard to think of ideas as I always felt like I was copying my inspiration too much. But after speaking with them in uni it was good to hear feedback and their thoughts on how I should progress.

IXD101 Point,Line and Plane

In our first session of IXD101, we went over point, line, and plane. During this session, we created a grid and experimented with the outcomes of using 2 then 3 then 5 points, lines, and planes. Paul then questioned what motive we had behind the placement. He then brought to our attention that equations can be used to set the sizes or even a story to depict with the points, lines, and planes. I found this quite interesting and definitely something worth thinking about for the next time I create something.

IXD102 Type Specimen for Screen Research and Planning

In this task we are researching a typeface we select from six: Futura Gill Sans Helvetica Palatino Times New Roman Baskerville After which we are to design and create a type specimen for an iPad screen(768 x 1024). I initially decided to pick Helvetica due to the fact I’ve worked with it before and wanted to know more about its origins and the forms and design of the lettering. Helvetica is a neo-grotesque font and was designed by the Swiss typeface designer Max Meidinger in 1957. it was influenced by the neo-grotesque font  Akzidenz-Grotesk becoming one of the most popular typefaces of the 20th century.                   Following my decision to use Helvetica I decided to research some examples of type specimens as I have no past experience with creating one. These are a couple of examples I found by just searching the type specimen. The initial few are quite plain, however, I really enjoy the more abstract and playful examples such as the second Gill Sans type specimen. Using these I will go on to developed some sketches of my own on paper which I can later transfer onto the screen

IXD102 Wilson Miner -When we build

We were shown this talk recorded and posted on Vimeo from Build 2011. These are my notes on this interesting and thought-provoking speech alongside my thoughts on it. Video link:https://vimeo.com/34017777                                      

IXD 101 Mantra Design Page

I have never really been a fan of motivational manifestos or mantras as I feel they give false hope when sometimes you just have to do something that you hate. However, when this happens I really enjoy going running or cycling. This just gives me time to think and be by myself so I decided this would be the main part of my design. I thought of a few mantras and found it surprisingly difficult to come up with one as they were either too cheesy or didn’t sound right. I ended up asking my friends and coach for ideas and came up with a few: “pain isn’t a sacrifice, it’s an investment in success” “Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results” “Think it, Want it, Do it” “Work never ends, so keep ongoing” “The path might not always be smooth, but it’s the bumps that make it fun” “You might fall, crash or slip but you’ll get there eventually” I ended going for “The path might not always be smooth, but it’s the bumps that make it fun” as I felt it applied to me more along with my enjoyment of escaping from stress with cycling I […]