IXD302 Week 9: Research & Recap 🚀

Art of The Pitch:

This week we looked at the art of the investor page and how we can replicate this. Daniel shoulders pictures from Airbnb Amazon YouTube for inspiration which allowed us to have a look at what we are expected to do and what works well within a pitch. I found this interesting as I have seen a pitch before was very similar to a presentation however there was more the intent of pushing a motive rather than just telling random information. I think one of the key differences is that there is a lot of emphasis on the product that you are selling and a lot of false optimism.

Daniels presentation mainly focused on the presentation of the pitch. There was a lot of emphasis on how to present the presentation and how to maintain eye contact and interest in what you’re saying. I think a lot of this has to do with nerves and it’s deafly something that everyone experiences Daniel then went on to talk about how to deal with his nerves her place yourself on a stage and engage an audience.

What I Learnt:

In general, I’m pretty confident and I enjoy talking to a lot of people however sometimes I still get nervous I find the tip where he said plant yourself like a tree take a couple grass and look at the back wall very interesting and something I could see working whenever you have nerves. However, I feel like presenting a small presentation in front of five or six peers would not be that bad for me. I think one of the worst parts about my hair presentation is fine in the content but whenever it comes to creating slide decks and pitch decks I’m quite confident. In my opinion, less text makes a better presentation and so I think for my presentation I’m going to focus on minimal words and a large number of images. But also not forgetting about including techniques such as anecdotes and rhetorical questions to help engage the audience.


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