IXD302 Week 10: Tasks

Week 10: Proof of Concept

This week Daniel did a presentation on how to flesh out our ideas creating user personas mind maps and research to help inform our choices and to better our presentation in doing so.

I created some user personas for my product during the class however when it comes to the presentation I’m not sure it’s something that I will show just because we have limited time.

Following this, I continued working on my presentation using the same style as I had previously and inserting some of my new research into the film industry and the gap in the market. I also added some competitor research where I looked at other apps that do the same thing and how my new app will compare to the existing apps.

For things such as the use of personas I just added in a couple of bullet points to which I would elaborate further whenever on speaking about it. I think this is a better alternative than having a full slide of user personas with a lot of text as this will distract the viewers and throw me off a bit.

As you can see when I created the slides I tried to stick to a simple colour scheme of yellow and black and keep the text to a minimum.

Above you can see an image of one of the slides where I talk about one of the main competitors to my app. On the slide, I have just used an image today use for marketing along with keeping the text to a minimum I only wrote down the main facts.

At this point in the process I began to start practising what I was going to say for each of the slides. To help me with this I created a set of cards that I read from. These cards contained a small amount of text that gave a general idea of what I was going to say however, they didn’t elaborate too much till I me to still come up with ideas while I spoke to match I engaged the audience was. I noted dancing such as anecdotes and rhetorical questions that I thought would work well on the slides alongside some further information such as more facts about what I was talking about and any relevant data. In the process of doing this I then decided to time myself to see how much longer I had left. To which I got a big surprise when I found out that I was over my five minutes.

At this point, I removed a few slides one of them was the user personas slide. This was condensed down to the slide that you saw above. I also decided to remove some unnecessary slides such as an overview and a slide where I talked about more competitors and different iterations of the idea. This brought the presentation down to 5 minutes and even give me some leeway on either side.


The final presentation was created in Figma. And using an add-on I was able to export it as a PDF and a .PXT file ready for my presentation. Is Daniel had mentioned previously it’s always useful to have a PDF file as a backup just in case something doesn’t work and unsurprisingly something didn’t work when converting it to a presentation file. This meant that I ended up using the PDF file on the day which didn’t really affect me too much. Below is the thing the file:


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