IXD302 Week 11: Research and Recap🚀

Week 11: Intelectual Property

This week Daniel did a presentation on intellectual property. Daniel covered everything from what intellectual property was how long it lasts are you can protect your own work and how far you can push to use of other peoples intellectual property.


This week I looked at websites and programs that helped your workflow within Webflow which is an online website development application. Some of them had very nice websites themselves alongside offering products that help to create great websites as well.

Extended attributes

This is an addon for Webflow that helps you create better design, clearer and quicker. This is made by a big independent web design company that like to share their tools with the community. It allows you to create effects animations and so much more using attribute tags.

Webflow University

Webflow university is great! it has loads of useful documentation on anything you want to do and can do in web flow. I used this a lot so far and I think I will be using it a lot more as I begin to polish up my website.

I looked at quite a few videos and pages on parallax animations and just basic animations in general and they helped so much. The combination of written documentation, Examples and Videos really help explain and customize the information. This was also great for when I saw something on a website and wanted to recreate it.

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