IXD302 Week 8: Research & Recap

Week 8: Briefing and Idea Generation:

Unfortunately, I was stuck in my room with covid for this lecture so I just had to watch it online.

This week we were given another reminder to update our blogs and keep up to date with our work before the lecture.

we went through 9 ways for creating our idea for our next project which was a product pitch.

The one that was new to me was the osborn checklist which id never heard of before and luckily daniel went into a lot more detail about it. I think the 2 most interesting points within the osborn checklist are the:

  • Adapt
  • Rearrange

I kind of imagined large corporations doing with with their product to make it better or when they are adding new features and could picture how well going through these steps would help generate a more throughout and fleshed out idea.


What I learnt:

today was very interesting and something id like to learn more about. I always wanted to create and start my own business. The osborn checklist was very interesting and the sequence in which you go through it and all the small steps really help you thing of ideas and flesh them out. Allowing you to consider loads of options.


Website of the Week:


This is the website of Bern university of arts its a pretty simple website with some cool images. I like the logo although it feels a bit large. i also wouldn’t have the menu icons there, I despise that. The typography is cool and they have a custom scroll bar (kinda cool).

This is the part I like. I love the font and the nice layout of options and information. Although someone needs to check their capitalization.

The menus are a bit weird but still follows the theme. not a fan of the position of the icons for it or the positioning of the exit button on it. I also feel like it could do with having less information on it as it requires you to scroll which defeats the purpose of the menu in my opinion. But I like the simple black and white colour scheme.

just a very simple but Very text-heavy layout. I am a fan of the hover state which makes it grey to show it’s clickable and love the font and Hierarchy. But as I said it is super text-heavy and I was not for reading all of it so that says something.

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