IXD302 Week 7: Tasks

This week’s Task was to keep working on our design proposals

For the design proposal, I decided to use the same layout as my CV to keep it clean and consistent.

Using this I began to work on my proposal working through each step one at a time:

The UX Design book we were shown really helped with the development of this document as they had a lot of things that could be adapted and taken into our new Document. I thought it was important to keep the pages empty and clear sectioning things off into groups to help navigation.

In regards to the invoice, I already had a template I had from working with companies creating videos however it didn’t match who I was and was also poorly laid out. After looking at what was required I redesigned it:

Doing this I used the same header style along with similar font and font size and kept the tables however this time I kept them centred.

Final Proposal and invoice:



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