IXD301 Week 10: Tasks

Week 10: The Art of the Pitch

Tasks to be done:

  • Sketch out a slide deck
  • Continue to work on elements project.

This week we were to focus on finishing our elements project and starting to think of ideas for our slide decks.

Elements project:

This week I began work on creating a 3D model in Blender. I did this using grease pencil which I had just learnt.


This is the process of my creating the 3d model using grease pencil. I had some issues with lighting etc but I mainly followed the design I had created in Figma

Having this helped speed up the process as I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I then threw in a camera added an orbital camera path rendered it as images and compiled it into a gif.


So we also had to begin outlining our presentation and planning it.

I began by looking for a font and colours I wanted to use.

I chose manrope to match my portfolio alongside black and yellow also sticking to my portfolio for consistency. Following this I also wanted to add some illustrations so I looked some up and matched the colours.


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