IXD301 Week 4: Recap & Research

Week 4: The HTMLs and CSSs

This week kyle covered the basics of HTML and CSS again in class, on this day I was STILL in Italy and probably running from the tornado that hit the competition.

I have worked extensively with HTML and CSS and have a coding background. A lot of this was a recap of things I previously knew.

What was covered(HTML):

  • Responsive styling
  • HTML elements
  • HTML attributes
  • images
  • links
  • file paths
  • and how to set up a project properly.

I already have a decent depth of knowledge on these topics as you can see in my Github.

What was covered (CSS):

  • linking style sheets
  • box model
  • selectors
  • classes
  • ID’s

What I Learnt:

I used this week as a recap and to check whether there was anything that I had forgotten/missed when I taught myself CSS and HTML. It was useful to have a look at old material and I found myself looking through the code of my old projects on GitHub to see how I did things. I definitely think if I were to code more I would do things differently and avoid repetition and “messy” code.



Kyle referenced a good book on responsive webs design,

-Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. 4) 

I have purchased this and will post a book review soon, and possibly some tasks and code-related.

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