IXD301 Week 3: Recap

Week 3 was a critique of people high res mockups of their website. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the country, In fact, I was up Mount Etna on a quad bike doing a tour of the lava flows (very cool).

link: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_luEE_q8=/

We looked at everyone’s pages and designs so far and gave feedback. I went back and looked at a few and gave my opinions after the fact.

I was surprised at the large variety in design among the class as I expected some reoccurring themes or colours which didn’t seem to happen. A lot of the designs were unfinished but showed potential. Personally, I thought that a lot lacked empty space and hadn’t been viewed fullscreen which would have highlighted the large size of buttons and images.

What I Learnt:

I was surprised at the wide variety of results, seeing other peoples work has pushed me to develop my own as at this stage I am not as far on as the rest of them due to me being away. I definitely need to have a content audit and finalize my content as it will help accelerate my design. Following this, I also need to find images and good mockups of past work etc.

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