IXD104 Week 11 Tasks

Week 11 Tasks:

This week I focused on completing my Infographic and began to use my sketches to put something together.


Started off with some illustrations of ships on the sea that I drew in my sketches and then decided to populate it more by adding fish and floating bottles.

At this point, I began adding text and I started off with the title, this wasn’t the first title I tried but it was the one that works the best and felt more like a traditional infographic.

At this point, I decided to continue to populate the infographics with facts that I collated from my research.

This is one of the other titles I tried but it didn’t fit well in the infographic and so I chose my other design.

This was one of the final infographics:

I then spell-checked it all and fixed some mistakes and ended up with this:


Overall, I am very happy with how this came out. If I was making some changes I would include more graphs and bar charts next time but other than that I think the way I have presented the information works well with the illustrations and the drop shadow on the key information really makes it stand out.

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