IXD103 Week 10

Beyond the Brand:

to begin with, we covered a refresher of all the previous weeks, what we covered, and anything that we did before easter.

Then we had a look at what we had to have on our blogs.

Alongside this daniel posted a miro link that showed us where we sat with our blog and what we had to work on:

This is the feedback:

This is where I expected to be I kind of understood that I lacked some self-reflective work alongside research and I still need to upload my sketches.

To do list:

  • Self-reflective paragraph
  • Sketches
  • Independent research/ literature reviews

So I started by going through all my weekly posts and added a “What I Learnt” section to each and a written paragraph or two on what I have learned and what I will do.

Love Marks:

We then had a look at the difference between respect and love and how a brand can utilize this or possibly suffer from this. We did an exercise where we identified loved brands like apple and north face and some respected brands like Colgate etc.

So, how do we manage this?

Brands (and reputations) take time to build but areas to focus on are:

  • Consistency quality/tone of voice…
  • Attention to detail consider everything
  • Emotion tells a good story
  • Experience ways people ‘feel’ your brand
  • Reward loyalty gestures & tokens


What I Learned:

This week was a combination of a review and development and application of what we’ve learned. I think it was important to see where we are at with our blogs and to understand what I need to do. I know I lack research so this will be a main focus of mine when dealing with my blog. other than what I need to work on I thought it was really good to identify where your brand sits in relation to respected and loved and how one can manipulate your brand using branding to fit into one of those key areas. I never thought that these were a thing let alone something that can influence the perception of someone’s brand.


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