IXD103 Week 10 Tasks

Task 1: Brand Relationships

find and identify three brands that are loved and looked up to:

Patagonia – ecofriendly, storytelling, low impact, high quality

Boojum – local, fast, flavorsome, friendly

Urban outfitters- fashionable, high quality, good products, trendy, welcoming

Task 2: Design a Product

Don’t just slap a logo onto a product think about what it is, make it desirable, useful, something people want.

For this, I decided that as I always have water at my desk id do a flask of some sort, and since I had recently designed a set of space icons I could use them, So I took them and edited them into a grid and put them on a flask.

After I created this we put it in a miro board and got some feedback on what we created, some people had made things I would have never thought about like Beth’s loading icon or Laurens guitar pick. We also go some feedback on our work and daniel said he would love to see a series of individual planets possibly with different colors.

This is what they would look like as a series. I think they actually look really cool and they’re definitely something I would use and purchase.


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