IXD104 Week 4 Tasks


Things to have done for week 5

  1. Icons Created
  2. Consider UI
  3. From Your Wireframes create 3 visual mock-ups/prototypes

From this list, all I have to work on is creating mockups from my wireframes:

Using these paper wireframes I’m going to take the first three designs and take them into Figma. To start I collected the icons I made for my planets.

I then put these into my designs and used the color scheme I picked and matched to logos.

The main thought behind the colors was my dislike of the use of black due to the harshness that doesn’t match the logo design. therefore I have decided to use dark navy and grays commonly found in dark modes on apps such as youtube and chrome.

I created these two but after I made them I realized I was using the wrong dimensions for an iPhone. Along with this, we had a group critique and I got some great feedback on my designs, so I took any advice on spacing and sizing and made these changes as I took them into my new dimensions.

To create some of the iPhone features such as the time battery and bottom bar I used some community presets available on Figma for ios and android.

After creating these mockups I decided to take them into Photoshop and apply them to some iPhone mockups.



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