IXD103 Week 8 Tasks

Todays Tasks:


Task 1: Interface Inventory

Choose a website and complete an interface inventory, documenting all the interactive elements used throughout. This could be the website for the brand you completed a set of guidelines for last week, but it is not essential. The important thing is to observe the sorts of buttons and elements of the UI included. There is a link on BBL to give further information about this.


Task 2: Element Collage

Create an element collage for your personal brand in anticipation of designing or styling your portfolio websites. There is a link on BBL to give further information about Element Collages.

Task 3: Update your research blogs

Make sure your research blogs are up to date and organized. I will be reviewing these and providing feedback before the Easter break.

This is something I’ve been working on as all my notes etc have been in my sketchbook and I am going through the process of digitalizing them and putting them on my blog in two blogs per week per module style. One with the week’s lecture, what we covered what I learned and anything extra, and another covering the tasks any work behind them, and any research or extra work I have done.

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