IXD104 Week 1

A Picture is Worth

We started by taking a look at the introduction to the module with image communication, logos icons, and much more. Paul showed us some illustrations which I personally loved. I’ve followed a lot of digital artists on Instagram for a while now and have dabbled in it as well, although never producing something I’ve been super happy with.

We had a quick overview of some of the previous travel apps previous years had designed and in all honesty, I wasn’t super impressed. when I think of app wireframing I always think of clean icons and a professional approach with solid consistency. However, when it came to the infographics I was very impressed. I had always wanted to create one and had even tried to create one for a school project but I always had difficulty using the software to create one.

We then moved onto the main topic of the presentation “A Picture is Worth” where we covered multiple areas:

  1. Narrative: Similarly, when we combine images we can tell a story.
  2. Juxtaposition: When we juxtapose images, we can make new stories possible.
  3. A Career?

I found this quite interesting and something that could definitely be expanded upon. Following this, we looked at a load of illustrators some of with I really enjoyed, and how they used illustration to convey a message or to depict information.

I think the colors in these really make a difference in guiding the user’s eyes. I also love the slight humor used in the dog graph. The Architectural nature of the first infographics is what hooks me, growing up with a mother as an architect has me interested in images such as the one depicted.

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