IXD103 Week 7

This week we did a group critique of our brand but before this, we had a look at websites for our brand and services to host and buy domain names.


Today we looked at websites to hosting and domain names


Daniel Explained the difference between the two packages and said that he might recommend the unlimited package for us as we might be creating a website for others.


We looked at the NASA graphics standard manual and how they created examples of how to use and how not to use their logo and branding

I recently created an invoice for some work I was doing and during looking through the standards manual we found they too had created multiple designs for everything one would need to use and how the branding and logo should be applied to this. Personally, I will look again at these and dig a bit more into creating an invoice, when I created it I didn’t have a logo so I think I need to apply this. I also noticed how they have a colored version alongside a black and white version which I think is something important to think about when I create my invoice.

Alongside this, we were given a load of links to brand guidelines

  1. https://brandpad.io/
  2. https://brandpad.io/examples
  3. https://medium.com/brandpad/what-makes-a-good-brand-guideline-8ba9e2794f91
  4. https://standardsmanual.com/
  5. https://www.oberlo.co.uk/blog/brand-guidelines#:~:text=Brand%20guidelines%2C%20also%20called%20a,voice%2C%20tone%2C%20and%20messaging.

What I Learnt:

This week we focused on Websites and I think the key thing to take away from this was that if I’m going to buy a website I should search for the domain and be prepared to buy it straight away if I’m interested in it. It was also a great help to see what websites are available and the recommendations Daniel had.

In regards to the standards and brand guidelines I previously had an idea and we had tried to create some for other well-known brands however after looking at Nasas one I was blown away at how much detail it takes to make one. They included things such as what isn’t allowed along with different options for color and noncolor printouts. Something I never would have thought of.

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