IXD103 Week 6

Brand Identity

This week we took a look at Identity and what we can apply our brand to. Alongside how we show and portray our own brand on business cards.

What you can apply it to:

  • Business Card
  • Social Media
  • Adverts
  • Banners
  • Website
  • Email Signature
  • HTML Email Campaigns
  • Portfolio
  • Packaging
  • Studio
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Apparel (Clothing)
  • Merchandise
  • Literature (Leaflets etc)
  • Presentations / Prototypes
  • App
  • Sponsorship
  • Food
  • Blimps (Anything)

Useful Links:

What I Learnt:

I think the most important thing that I learned from this week was the wide applications for a brand’s identity and how it can be used to represent and grow a business. I also learned a bit more about what to put on things such as a business card and how to present them. There were a lot of things I learned like bleed lines that are helpful for print design.


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