IXD103 Week 1

Week 1 Tasks

Social Bio:

Hey, I’m an interaction design student, filmer, editor, and a happy student looking to design and create things that make our lives just that bit nicer.

About me Text:

Hey, I’m an interaction design student, filmer, editor, and a happy student living in lockdown. My aims are to create clean and navigatable designs accessible to everyone and anyone. I pride myself on my illustrations and design and continue to develop my understanding of composition and color. Other than designing I spend my days doing sport and competing at an international and national level in kayaking.

Content Audit:

There are three main devices to help you remain a brand’s language tone.

  • a word bank
  • a brand dictionary
  • a tone of voice guide

Exercise: Create a word bank

Patagonia: Transparent, Impact-Driven, Thoughtful, Sustainable, Loyal, Consistent, Reliable, Genuine, Travel, Adventure, Performance, Silent sports, Environmental Justice, Outdoor Clothing, recourse efficient.

Exercise: Create a brand dictionary

Patagonia: Customers, Staff, Activists, Used Gear, Impact-Driven, Recourse Efficient, cause no unnecessary harm, inspire, environmental crisis, worn wear

Exercise: Create a tone of voice guide

three words: eco-friendly maximum performance

short strapline: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm

Follow Something:

I was browsing youtube and I’ve always been interested in ai and after this lecture, I wondered what the possibilities with ai and typography was and managed to stumble across a video called

“Uppercase and Lowercase Letters”

this is created by a guy who specializes in creating his own fonts along with messing around with ai

In the video, he explores the use of ai to create and analyze fonts and typography, during the project he begins by aiming to create upper case letters which later turns into a letter identifying program. My favorite parts have to be how identifiable the recreated fonts are to their originals.










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