IXD102 Pocket Profile Vic Bell

Vic Bell

Vic bell is mainly an iconographer and illustrator. she has worked with large companies from Scratch to Uber.

I began to look at her work with uber where When diving into this project she decided to explore the largest design first and reduce the detail enough to keep the icon consistent and the message obvious and started with the map icon as it was going to be one of the most complex icons to create.










I would have never thought about the line type that someone was using would affect the design and influence how it was designed. I personally would have never thought of this. However, I really love how she has displayed and incorporated three different designs to cope with size change and allow for scalability.

She also designed loads of logos and I couldn’t help but look through them and compare them to the app to work out how many are still in use. The amount of detail and thought that went into making every single one is amazing and her process of stripping them down to the bare minimum and adding on from there is definitely something I will think about doing.

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