IXD102 Presentation Review & Feedback

We finally presented our presentation after about 3 weeks of working on the powerpoints.

Our group consisted of 4 people:

  • Leonie,
  • Cormac,
  • Jessica,
  • and myself.

I felt like we did not distribute the work well which wasn’t helped by the lack of communication. I am someone who doesn’t like leaving things last minute and doesn’t really mind doing work. Luckily Leonie did a major amount of the work alongside myself. We divided up the slides we created to allow the others some content. However, the others added 1/2 of their own slides which we didn’t account for which brought us substantially over the 10-minute mark that our original presentation was already pushing.

From this, I learned to push communication and accommodate more from others. We got good feedback on the content and layout, with the only fault being the readability of the font on some of the colored backgrounds. The actual presentation of the PowerPoint didn’t phase me too much as I don’t mind public speaking.

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