IXD101 Follow the Rythm

I began by picking a song and for me, that was pretty clear cut and had to be “Feels like summer” by Childish Gambino and it reminds me so much of summer.
Due to this I wanted to depict the summer mood as much as possible and began by looking for inspiration.


















Using these I created some sketches in my book:








































After this, I went into Photoshop and created some drawings, and played around with the style I wanted to draw it in. I tried making it more painterly however I found that block colors worked quite well.










After this, all I had to do was add the font and text. For this, I looked at multiple fonts in adobe and on google fonts and felt like I wanted a handwritten font but couldn’t find what I wanted so I used a website: https://www.calligraphr.com/en/

Using this font I played around with text placement, color, and size.










For the portfolio website, I adapted it so it would fit in well and work with the rest of the website.










I then tried to create a gif that I could use on my website instead to give it more life however the quality wasn’t high enough and I didn’t know the best way to do it.










This is where I have left this attempt so far, I would like to animate it at some point but I haven’t really gotten to grips with adobe animate or any similar programs.

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