IXD102 Type Specimen

We went in on Friday and received feedback on our sketches. Initially, I used stencils to create mine however the feedback I received said that they were all very similar and didn’t really seem to be three independent type specimens. So when I went home I drew up some more ideas really quickly. I tried to make some sketches using different ideas etc.

From there, I developed some computer-based ideas based on the sketches and planning that I had done. I also messed around with the inverted colors and was quite happy with what was produced.

I was quite happy with how these turned out in my opinion the last version is my favorite as I enjoy the simplicity and use of negative space. All in all, I really enjoyed this project and hope for some good feedback on ways in which to improve on my designs. I definitely found it hard to think of ideas as I always felt like I was copying my inspiration too much. But after speaking with them in uni it was good to hear feedback and their thoughts on how I should progress.

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