Animation for the Creative Industries Semester 2 Week 1

Starting our Semester 2, we were quickly introduced to our course Animation for the Creative  Industries. There our lecturers introduced us to our work for the 12 weeks, lessons we’ll learn, our assignments and finally what groups we’ll be in with the game designers to create our own game. For our assignments there are due April 28th and May 12th which involves the game and our individual animations whether it be 2D or 3D. 

So for our first week we back we immediately went to our groups, for me being in group G I met the following members of group G which included 11 other members including me making 12. 


For my main role in this group project is prop modelling and textures with minor  roles such as animation, visual effects and character sculpting/modelling.

Once we re-located into our groups we then went into our sub groups of 4 people so we would then come up with our 10 ideas with the main theme being Isolation and Connection and make it into one where we share amongst ourselves and turn it to three ideas. In my sub group I was joined up with Alex, Nicole and Dominik. We had interesting ideas involving family, friends, robots, war, animals, puzzles and Wi-Fi. For our sub group we narrowed it down to our first person perspective lighthouse with the goal on trying to keep the light lit.




Once our time was up we were all back into one big group again and heard each others main idea. The other two were a vampire trying to survive and become human within the end of the game and the other is the telephone idea where the person collects calls and tries to figure out the mystery. 

We quickly moved onto Miro and get our ideas. For being part of animation and artists here is the concept art and inspiration for each of our tasks.


Overall it was a fun activity to be apart of and helped with giving us ideas on the game before our pitch presentation. 

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