2nd Year Animation-Strategies Week 1 Module Intro

Starting my 2nd year at animation is a big step with new experiences and techniques to learn for the future. For my first day I was feeling sick so I couldn’t go into Uni but still looked out for any updates or information on blackboard/Discord. For this semester we will be using unreal engine for our assignment 1’s while being part of different groups with different ideas.

We had been set into groups for our first semester assignment on making an environment of our choosing. Here we have been gathering references for our faerie dungeon and what can be included by using Pinterest for references. 

For our first class we learnt about art style and pipelines while finding our art styles with shapes, colour and composition. For our 1st exercise we had to select our 3D puzzles and remember the basics of topology either by Maya or Blender, for me I chose Maya to complete these exercises.  The exercises were good enough and really made me reflect on my second semester in first year. For exercise 7 I would say the aspect which differs the two spheres are smooth or bevel tool.

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