IXD102-Updated Type Specimen Screen

After receiving feedback from a group critique session, I began making some improvements on my chosen type specimen screen. Some of the feedback I got included: Reducing the size of the alphabet, removing some of the text surrounding the ‘X’ and have the ‘X’ be the main focus with nothing on top of it. What…Continue Reading IXD102-Updated Type Specimen Screen

IXD102-Pocket Profile- Ian Spalter

The Netflix Series ‘Abstract’ involves a look at some of the most innovative designers. The episode I watched looked at digital product designer Ian Spalter. He has been the head of design at Instagram and is currently the head of Instagram Japan. He is a very successful designer, in fact, 1 in 7 people are…Continue Reading IXD102-Pocket Profile- Ian Spalter

IXD102-Type Specimen Screens

This blog post shows my sketches and digital versions of my type specimen screens. 1.  Originally, I had the writing in line with ‘Helvetica’. However, I decided to change this so it was more upright and easier to read. I included the helvetica alphabet and numbers to show viewers what it looks like. I then…Continue Reading IXD102-Type Specimen Screens

IXD101-Continuing with my manifesto…

I have now learnt and researched more about the principles of design. I have looked at, fibonacci, the golden ratio, the rule of three and overall the importance of text size and proportions. In class, we were asked to take the things we had learnt into consideration and play about with our manifesto to see…Continue Reading IXD101-Continuing with my manifesto…

IXD101-App Thumbnail Task

I was given the task to create three thumbnails for three different apps. These show the layout of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in a simple form. They are all quite similar, with the navigation at the bottom and the main content in the middle. Both Facebook and Instagram have ‘story’ features which are both at…Continue Reading IXD101-App Thumbnail Task