IXD102- Web Essay

This is the link to my GitHub to access my website: https://github.com/LaurenGilmoreIXD/ixd102_essay   Before starting the CSS for my web essay, I updated my wire-frames to include more details such as, colours and typefaces I wanted to use. This is the colour pallet I used: Having a colour pallet would help my website look more…Continue Reading IXD102- Web Essay

IXD101- Follow the Rhythm Final

After receiving feedback on this project, I began making some improvements. With the previous design, the lyrics within the buildings sat very close to the edge which left gaps between words, making it difficult to read. To fix this issue, I centered the text and brought the text boxes in from the edge. This made…Continue Reading IXD101- Follow the Rhythm Final

IXD102-Group Presentation

My group members for this task included myself, Orla, Matthew and Seanin. When we were first given this project, we decided to have a video call to discuss what topic we should choose for our presentation. The topic we chose was ‘Bauhaus and the New Typography’ as we were all interested in learning more about…Continue Reading IXD102-Group Presentation

IXD102-Group Presentation- Research

As a group, we chose the topic ‘Bauhaus and the New Typography’. In our group of 4, we decided to each research and cover a certain section within this topic. My section was researching the students experience, the teachers and what they taught at the Bauhaus. My Research Students experience at the Bauhaus At the…Continue Reading IXD102-Group Presentation- Research

IXD101-Follow the Rhythm- Research

This project is all about visualization of sound and the ways typography can signify music and sound through different characteristics. Typography can communicate emotions, messages, concepts and sounds. I need to think about doing this in a way that can be perceived by non-designers as well. I decided to research further into typography and the…Continue Reading IXD101-Follow the Rhythm- Research

IXD101-My Manifesto Final

After changing the proportions of my manifesto and being happy with the layout, it was time to work on completing my design. I started by trying out different fonts and colours to see which best suited the meaning behind my manifesto. Here are some examples I created: This is the font and colours I decided…Continue Reading IXD101-My Manifesto Final