IXD303: Week 7 Reflect


This week was a class critique session on our healthcare apps so far. For the critique, I presented my brand, wireframes, user personas, brand guidelines, and my first 3 screens. The 3 screens I showed were my home screen, activity tracker, and location tracker.

This is the feedback I received:

  • Add a horizontal rule for the navigation bar.
  • The added decoration of the panda ears on the wordmark may not be necessary.
  • Add a real map on the location tracker, rather than an illustration.
  • Change the food icon to bamboo rather than a fork.
  • Fix icon sizing on the activities page.
  • Consider using the panda logo for the location pointer.

Some of these points will be necessary to change and I will continue improving them. I will of course take all feedback into consideration and experiment with different ideas and changes.

Class feedback

During the critique, my peers also left post-it notes on a Miro board giving their opinions on my work. I found this very helpful as it allowed me to see my work from many perspectives. I also enjoyed looking at everyone else’s work as it is very inspiring. This is the feedback I received:

I got a lot of positive feedback on my logo which I am happy with for example, “It is unique and identifiable”. I also got some comments that the app appeared to be easy to use and navigate which is great to hear.

The green on the map page was pointed out to be too busy and didn’t work well. I agree with this, and it will be something I will change. A couple of people also mentioned considering changing the typeface of the body copy from serif to San serif. This is something I will look into improving as I think typography is very important so I want to get it right.

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