IXD304: Week 6 Reflect – Prototype Critique

Today we had a feedback session on our Apollo prototypes so far. I wanted to make a post about this so I could refer to it when updating my prototype to ensure I made all the necessary changes.

Here is the feedback I received:

  • Label the switch: The switch to add colour to the rocket looks out of place and there is a chance users will miss it or not know what it is for. It was suggested that I make this into a “control panel” so users know to interact with it.
  • When the user switches between the flight tabs, it brings them back to the top of the page. This is something I need to change so it switches between them more smoothly.
  • The “read more” page doesn’t fit the theme as well as the rest of the site: I can see why this is because the only style consistency is the folder effect. I could improve this by adding some illustrations like the ones on the main page.
  • I need to align the “read more” button so it lines up with the text on the left-hand side.
  • Drop-down boxes for crew members: In these boxes, I need to style the typography more as they all blend into one. I could make use of the variable font I am using and make important text stand out with bold and change the sizing. I may also research dropdowns to improve its overall look and feel.

Other than these changes, my prototype was well received. It was a class critique which meant I also got some feedback from my peers through Miro:

I found this helpful as it allowed me to see my work from a different perspective. I also enjoyed looking at everyone else’s prototypes as we can all learn from each other and gain inspiration.

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