Year: 2021

IXD103- More Brand Guidelines Research…

I found that the main elements that should be covered in these guidelines include: Voice and tone Logos Colour pallet Typography Imagery   Before creating my own brand guidelines, I thought it was important to look at another example to give me an idea on how to lay it out and what to include. Netflix…Continue Reading IXD103- More Brand Guidelines Research…

IXD103- Brand Guidelines Research Task

This week, we were given the task of taking a brand and producing brand guidelines for them based on what we see across their platforms/products etc. What are brand guidelines? They are a set of rules and instructions on how the brand should be presented. This can include rules on their logo, colours, typography, images,…Continue Reading IXD103- Brand Guidelines Research Task

IXD104- Travel App Development

This post shows the development of my travel app, from initial sketches to creating the first three screens and receiving feedback. Sketches I began sketching my initial design ideas just to get it down on paper and give me an idea of how I wanted it to be laid out. When doing this, I made…Continue Reading IXD104- Travel App Development

IXD103- Visual Marque Development

My visual marque/logo was the last thing I designed. This made it easier as I already knew the direction of my brand and my tone of voice. Firstly, I took some words associated with my brand and tried to represent them visually through sketches. I started with things such as, arrows and roads as these…Continue Reading IXD103- Visual Marque Development

IXD103- Wordmark Development

The typeface I chose for my wordmark is Megrim. The triangle shapes for the “A” and “M” make it unique and interesting. The capital letters make it appear confident which goes with my brands tone of voice. I feel that it is clear and minimal, making it easy to read.  I added different levels of…Continue Reading IXD103- Wordmark Development

IXD103- My Monogram Development

This was my first attempt at digitizing my monogram. I created it using illustrator as I wanted to become more familiar with the software. I decided to keep it black and white in these early stages to ensure it was effective without the distraction of colour. Some of the feedback I received was to elongate…Continue Reading IXD103- My Monogram Development

IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task

Pizza Moon This was a one-week project which consisted of developing a brand for a pizzeria. The first step was to come up with a tone of voice and a story for this brand. Word Bank: Fresh Quality Eco-friendly Caring Modern Ethical Quick Easy Affordable Passionate Hand-crafted Welcoming   Bio: “Our first store opened in…Continue Reading IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task

IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task (researching competitor brands)

To get an idea of what direction I wanted to go in for branding a pizzeria, I wanted to benchmark some competitors. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is one of the largest pizza companies in the world. They are all about quality and being different from others “making sure each meal…is delicious, bold and one of…Continue Reading IXD103- 1 Week Brand Task (researching competitor brands)

IXD103- Visual Mark Research

Before designing my own visual mark, I thought it was important to research further into why they are used, the different types and examples. Why do companies have visual mark/logos? A logo gives a company an identity. It can be a visual representation of what their brand is. People should be able to look at…Continue Reading IXD103- Visual Mark Research

IXD104- Week 4 Reflect

This week, we looked further into illustrating and how to illustrate for UI. For user interfaces, illustrations can provide a quick way to get a message across that doesn’t involve text. For example, a weather app may have an illustration of clouds and rain rather than plain text telling you what the weather is. Not…Continue Reading IXD104- Week 4 Reflect