IXD302: Pitch Competitor Analysis

Interview 360

This feature is part of the Ulster University website. It is designed to help people practice their interview skills by giving them the most common interview questions. Users can take mock interviews using general questions or job-specific such as, retail and banking. The interview is recorded using video and the user receives feedback through AI on their confidence, body language, etc. They are also given tips on what points they should hit with each question.


I think this is a very useful tool and I have used it in the past. I think it is very beneficial, especially since a lot of interviews are online these days so it provides a realistic environment of answering questions under pressure. I like that each question has a time limit because it mimics the pressure of a real interview, preparing users. I think one thing that would improve this would be if the user could choose their own questions so it’s more personalised to their experience.

I think some of the features of this website will be present in my app but aimed at helping people with their presentation skills. I think the fact mine is an app is valuable because users can use it anytime, anywhere. I think the goal for both “interview 360” and my app idea are the same as they both aim to improve people’s skills and confidence.

Interview 360


Public speaking for beginners

This app is more aimed at public speaking and giving presentations and will have a similar target audience to myself. This app provides helpful advice to overcome your fears and improve your confidence. It also helps improve your grammar skills which is something I want to include in my app.

Some of the subjects it teaches users about include, identifying your purpose, preparation advice, building confidence, etc. However, it is all just text that a user can read through. There are no videos, recordings, or feedback on your skills. Although the advice is helpful, the app isn’t interactive, and users may become bored quickly. This is something I want to avoid in my app as I want my users to learn by doing and giving them the opportunity to practice in real life and receive feedback.


Orai for public speaking, presentations, and speeches

I think this app is one of the best I have found and the closest to what I am aiming for. I have found that it is very user-focused and tries to provide for different types of users’ needs. For example, they have advice for all types of public speaking such as presentations, speeches, and sales pitches.

They have lessons on how to improve confidence, timing, pacing, energy, conciseness, clarity, facial expressions, etc. There are some features they have that I never thought of so I will consider them for my own app. You can record your presentation anytime and anywhere and it will provide instant feedback. I think this is a great way to practice as you can see what you need to improve which is exactly what I want to achieve with mine.

I also really like the design of this app as it’s easy to use and navigate. It also keeps users engaged with bright colours and fun characters. This is better than other apps I looked at which were quite bland and boring.



Overall, I found doing this very helpful. It allowed me to see different perspectives and approaches to something like this. I found new things I could add to my app concept and also things I should avoid.

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