IXD302: Empathy Map for Pitch

An empathy map is used to visualise user attitudes and behaviors. This enables designers to better understand users and make better design choices. I also think they help wider teams of people, who aren’t necessarily designers, understand user needs.

It makes you think about what your user:

  • Says
  • Thinks
  • Does
  • Feels

I want to create an empathy map so I can make my project more user-centered. I think It will also come in handy when I am advocating for my users and convincing people that this is something users will benefit from. I think it will remove bias and prevent me from assuming what my user needs.

I will be referring to the research I have done so far to create my empathy map. This empathy map is based on apps like the one I am pitching. Therefore, it will show me what I should avoid:

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