IXD302: SWOT Analysis

I have completed a SWOT analysis on my pitch project idea. To recap, it is a presentation helper app that uses AI to give users feedback on their skills and help them improve. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Doing this will allow me to understand what I can do well, potential barriers I may face in the project, and what I may need to consider.

My SWOT analysis:


  • I am passionate about the subject
  • I have many of the skills needed to carry it out
  • Good research has been carried out, including user research
  • It has valuable features like AI feedback, advice, spell checker, timer, etc.


  • AI can be expensive
  • People may be apprehensive about using AI
  • It may be a complex app with lots of features so there could be usability issues


  • It could open the discussion about social anxiety and fear of public speaking
  • Uses new AI technology
  • It will help lots of people with confidence and presentation skills
  • Other competitors may not be adapting to new technologies such as AI which gives me an advantage
  • It will spread beneficial information


  • Difficult to cover the cost of AI
  • I will need an AI specialist
  • There is the possibility of being up against big competitors



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