IXD103: Creating more brand touchpoints

This weeks task was to create another touch-point for our personal brands. This could be anything that is desirable by people. Some examples we were given included: Animated monogram/logo, wearable items, branded merchandise or a phone/desktop background.

My first idea was to create something physical that people could hold to connect them to my brand. I decided to create guitar picks which would have my visual mark on them as a piece of merchandise. I think makes a nice pattern and it goes well in different colours. The reason I chose guitar picks is because it ties in with my brand and tone of voice. I have mentioned in my bio and in other aspects of my work that I am inspired by music so this ties in well. Even if someone doesn’t play guitar, I think it’s quite a cool and unique item to have and display. It is also small, making it easy to give to people.

Here are the results:

We then had a class discussion so I had an opportunity to get feedback. Overall, the comments were positive and it was useful to see what other people had done. Here are the comments that were made:


Now that I had created something physical, I wanted to create a digital touch-point. I wanted to animate my monogram as I felt that with the shape of it, it would look quite cool.

I had never tried animation before so this was an exciting challenge. I used the prototyping tool on Figma to create interactions between the frames. Each frame had more of the monogram each time so it looked like it was being drawn in. Since my monogram has two elements, I animated these so they would move at the same time which created a interesting effect. During a critique, it was mentioned that the animation had a similar look to the game snake. I thought this was an interesting point as the use of nostalgia can be very effective in branding.

Here is a screenshot of some of the connections:

Here is a link to the final animation:

monogram animation


I am glad I tried this out as I can use it throughout my brand, for example, on my portfolio website or social media.

I really enjoyed these tasks as it encouraged me to be creative and try out new things. It also helps bring my brand to life and makes it more real.

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