IXD101- Links to Projects

My Manifesto

IXD101- My Manifesto

IXD101-Continuing with my manifesto…

IXD101-My Manifesto Final

100 Iterations

Group Project IXD101

IXD101- 9 Images

Follow the Rhythm

IXD101-Follow the Rhythm- Research

IXD101-Follow the Rhythm

IXD101- Follow the Rhythm Final


GitHub Links

John Baskerville Repository: (includes, John Baskerville, CSS exercise and History of Type)



Portfolio website:



Blog Post:

IXD101- Coding/Github


Extra Blog Posts (Experimental tasks etc.)

IXD101-Typography I Found

IXD101-Point, Line, Plane

IXD101-App Thumbnail Task

IXD101-Fibonacci Task


IXD101-UI Cards

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