IXD102-Group Presentation

My group members for this task included myself, Orla, Matthew and Seanin. When we were first given this project, we decided to have a video call to discuss what topic we should choose for our presentation. The topic we chose was ‘Bauhaus and the New Typography’ as we were all interested in learning more about this and felt it would make an interesting presentation. We then split the research into 4 sections and began adding the content we found into our PowerPoint. We used Google-Slides for this as it enabled us to work collaboratively.

We had multiple group meetings throughout this process to ensure everyone knew what to do and that we completed it in time. For example, we discussed our content to make sure it didn’t overlap with what others were doing. We also discussed what the slide design should be like. For this, we each designed a background for our slides and chose one to be on the final PowerPoint.

This is my slide design which is what we decided to use:

It was influenced by reflective light plays created by a student at the Bauhaus- Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack.


After all of our content was in the PowerPoint, we had another group video call to practice the timings of our presentation. It had to be 10 minutes long, meaning, we each had about 2 minutes 30 seconds to present our slides. When we did this for the first time, we had went over the time limit. We then planned to reduce the content of our slides to just include the most important points we wanted to get across. At this point, I reduced the unnecessary content. I also reduced the content on my slides and added more to my notes so that when presenting, I wasn’t just reading off the slides. When we met again, we had managed to stick to the time limit. After many practice sessions, which built up our confidence, we were ready to present our PowerPoint.

Here is the link to our Google Slides document: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1h2zpVVmEgqZUe_7gwKzLYKBpcQJYVh2-8yUsujT8ITc/edit?usp=sharing


Kyle and Pauline gave us some helpful feedback to help us with future presentations. Overall, they thought it was a good presentation that was well-researched and delivered with confidence. They also liked that each of us introduced our section of the PowerPoint and informed them of what they would be talking about.

We were also given some areas we could improve on. For example, reducing the content on our slides to be just key points. This is so the audience is learning new information that isn’t on the slides and that we aren’t reading off the slides as much. This would mean learning more of the information so we could say it without having to look at the slides. Another area of improvement is to better align images and text so that the background design doesn’t interfere with it. This would make text easier to read and make it more consistent. I will take all of this feedback into consideration for future presentations.


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