Group Project IXD101

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at point, line and plane. We were asked to get into groups and research further into one of these, we decided to go with ‘Point’. Our next step was to choose a topic and collect a minimum of 100 images relating to the chosen topic. As a group, we decided to use the topic of ‘Food’. We chose this as it is very versatile and it gave us the opportunity to find a wide variety of different images. We completed this first step by setting up a group board on Pinterest.

After we collected these images, we individually had to pick 9 of our favourite. We had found many examples, from sweets and donuts to cereal. However, my favourite images were of fruit so I decided to focus my project on these.

My choices are shown below:

These are first hand images that I took myself that I will also be using for this project:

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