Year: 2022

IXD302 : Final Submission

CV and Coverletter CV pdf Cover Letter for King Cover Letter for Rapid7 Blog Posts Research and Development Updates to Design and Content Considering Physical Delivery Proposal and Invoice Proposal-and-Invoice.pdf Blog Posts Research, Planning and Writing Designing My Proposal Invoice Development Product Pitch healthstory-pitch-pdf Blog Posts Ideation and S.W.O.T. Analysis Research Planning and Designing My…Continue Reading IXD302 : Final Submission

IXD302 CV and Cover Letter : Considering Physical Delivery

In week 2’s lecture we were asked at consider the physical delivery of our cv’s and cover letter’s in order to make a bigger impact and lasting impression on the company, potentially making them more likely to consider you for the role. Finding Inspiration I wasn’t sure where to start when coming up with an…Continue Reading IXD302 CV and Cover Letter : Considering Physical Delivery

IXD302 Proposal : Invoice Development

As part of my Proposal I must also submit an invoice. At the start of this project I didn’t really know much of anything about invoices aside from the fact you use them to show a client (or who ever) how much they owe you for your services. Due to my lack of knowledge it…Continue Reading IXD302 Proposal : Invoice Development

IXD302 Proposal : Designing My Proposal Document

Research Before I felt comfortable designing my proposal document, I felt I had to do a bit of research and find templates and examples that help me better understand how a proposal should look. I tried my usual go to’s of Pinterest and dribbble for design inspiration but I had no luck or at least…Continue Reading IXD302 Proposal : Designing My Proposal Document

IXD301 – Final Submission

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IXD301 Elements Project : Final Update

0Here are some things I worked on to finish my prototype that I haven’t discussed in previous posts yet… Periodic Table Screen I worked on a zoomed in version of the periodic table of progress from the home screen. Sketches   Prototype Screen   Unpacked Items Here I sketched designed the 4 other items I…Continue Reading IXD301 Elements Project : Final Update

IXD301 Elements Project: Usability Testing

In week 9’s lecture we looked at Usability testing and I learned a lot about why it’s such an important step in the UX design process and ways to go about it but I also dis some further research to understand how to go about it better. Further Research I looked at the book “Don’t…Continue Reading IXD301 Elements Project: Usability Testing

IXD301 Elements Project : Responses and Personas

Questionnaire Responses So it took a while but I got some responses. I got the five I needed for the kids one but I had to give up on the parents one because I only got one response back. With the questionnaire I also sent a couple screens just for them to look at and…Continue Reading IXD301 Elements Project : Responses and Personas