IXD304 : Week 8 Lecture Reflection

First things first, here are the notes I wrote out on what was covered in this weeks lecture…

The lecture for Week 8 was a guest one by David Henderson of DHD and it was all about the art of storytelling through design.

We looked first at the importance of storytelling and how it affects the brain, which I found really interesting. The gist was that you wanna get peoples brains to release dopamine while experiencing your product so they’ll remember you.

After looking at that he showed us a few different case studying of different types from brand identity to UI/UX design and how they told stories through each. I really loved looking at the brand identity they designed for the backpack company and how it looked like a segment from a zipper, I thought that was really cool.

Overall, this was a great lecture and I learned a lot about storytelling with design from it.

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