IXD303: Week 4 Lecture Reflection

First things first, here are the notes I wrote out on what was covered in this weeks lecture…

The focus of this week’s lecture was on sketching and why it’s such a necessary step to take in the design process. I actually was of sick this week but I went ahead and wrote out some notes after the fact from just based on the lecture slides, so I probably missed out on some things but I think I’ve got the gist on what was covered.

There wasn’t a particular topic that stuck out to me in particular since it’s all about sketching and we’ve looked at a lot of this in previous modules lecture content but there were a lot of helpful tips for starting on paper as well reasoning for why it’s so great to do so. Basically now I have a lot of stuff to consider and work on as I continue to sketch for the project and other ones. I wish I had more to comment and reflect on but since I wasn’t there but overall I’d say this was a helpful lecture.

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