IXD302 Proposal : Designing My Proposal Document


Before I felt comfortable designing my proposal document, I felt I had to do a bit of research and find templates and examples that help me better understand how a proposal should look. I tried my usual go to’s of Pinterest and dribbble for design inspiration but I had no luck or at least I couldn’t find ones that weren’t heavily designed brochures and since it’s my first time composing a proposal document, I didn’t feel quite comfortable going that route just yet.

I found lots of proposal examples on PandaDoc but there weren’t really any I could find that had that content in them I was expecting them to based of the research I had done before writing my proposal.

After lots of no luck i eventually found my way to uicreative.net which had lots of pretty proposal templates for me to look at. All I really wanted to find was inspiration for the title page and general layout of my pages which I have sufficiently found there.


Once I felt suitably inspired I took out my little sketch book at did some quick sketches of my design ideas.

Title Page

I decided use one of my colour variants for my brand logo that I haven’t really applied to anything before. I think that my teal and yellow combination will give off a more professional, ready to work vibe than my standard pink and orange combo.

I also want to bring a bit of Hill Street into the title page by having a very low opacity image so as not to interfere with the legibility of the project title in front.

General Layout

I want to keep the document fairly simple design wise but with a few little nods to my brand like using bio-sans which is my favourite font to use for body copy. Also having a thick almost black lines where applicable and to bring in my block pattern, but in a subtle way so as not to come off as unprofessional, I decided to have a couple in the corners for annotating the page number.

Sign off


This sketch pretty much sums up what I’m planning, no need to elaborate on anything I don’t think.


After making a plan through my sketches I took to illustrator and put everything together.

You can find the full pdf document including my invoice (which I will post about after this) here.


Final Thoughts

Overall I’m really happy with how my proposal turned out. It still manages to rep my brand but with much less risk of coming off as unprofessional to clients who won’t fully understand what I’m about.

I’m pretty happy with my written content although if I had left myself more time to work on it I would have fleshed out some of the sections like pricing a bit more but what I have done is ok enough I think.

I am very surprised by myself in how much I genuinely enjoyed working on this project. I found the writing to be a lot like piecing together a puzzle in someways, like figuring out pricing and trying to piece together my process. I think this was a really valuable learning experience as I have now learned how to compose a proposal which is very hard to do if you haven’t done it before, and now I have this knowledge locked and loaded for whenever I may need it in the future.


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