IXD302 CV and Cover Letter : Considering Physical Delivery

In week 2’s lecture we were asked at consider the physical delivery of our cv’s and cover letter’s in order to make a bigger impact and lasting impression on the company, potentially making them more likely to consider you for the role.

Finding Inspiration

I wasn’t sure where to start when coming up with an interesting way to present my work so I had to some searching for inspiration.

Here are some places I found it….


I put together a Pinterest board full of ideas for physical delivery which helped get me to start visualising ideas in my head for my own. You can find it here.


I also made a have a Pinterest board which is full of cool packaging ideas that you can find here. Looking at this board helped me to start thinking a bit more creatively and outside the box, pardon my pun.


My K-pop Album Collection

Anyone who likes to buy physical k-pop albums like myself know that you never buy them for the cd, you buy them for the delivery. The packaging, the photo book and all the extra goodies they come with like the obligatory photo card(s) of course among other things like posters, stickers, are really what you’re really forking out the money for.

What I would say are the stand out album designs from my collection are this EXO on thats design is inspired by sci-fi comics and this SHINee Key one I got recently that looks to me kinda like a funky space alien themed cereal box and I’m obsessed with the obscurity and quirkiness of that design choice.



Physical Touch Point Task From IXD103

In one of the lectures of the IXD103 module we were given the task of coming up with ideas for physical touch points for our brands. I found that revisiting what I had come up with back then helped me to consider what kind of touch points I could include with my cv and cover letter to make a lasting impression.


An Impulsive Purchase

I had been looking into getting some brand stickers printed for a few months and at around 2am  one night while black Rriday weekend deals where still in effect, I impulsively purchased 42 brand stickers for about £14 which was a pretty good deal if you think about it.

Anyway when I eventually got my stickers in the mail I noticed how nicely they were packaged. When I took them out of the plastic envelop, the sticker sheets were in this really nice and secure folder type thingy made of really sturdy brown card and had the print companies logo on the front. I immediately started thinking that something like this would be great for my CV and cover letter. I have no idea what I’m gonna do with all these stickers though…



Extra Bits

Here are some different touch points I considered including in my delivery to hopefully make more of a lasting impact…

Business Card But Make It Interesting

I thought about adding a business card but like in a way where it’s not solely a business card since all my details are already on my cv and cover letter.

There is this funny dude on youtube Kurtis Connor who made a haha funny commentary video about the hustle culture around card collecting particularly with Pokemon and Digimon cards. At the end of the video he announced that he was putting out his own special limited edition Kurtis Connor trading card and every so often since then for tours exclusives and other occasions he drops a new card design. Basically I thought this would be an interesting concept to apply to apply to a business card but like with my character illustrations.


My other idea was to include book marks with illustrations and patterns on them as my business card replacement.

Here are some sketches I did…

I’m thinking the book mark is better to go with for this for my cv because the trading cards would depend on the company I was applying to as some might think it’s super creative and interesting and others might not get it and find it unprofessional.



As I mentioned earlier, I did spontaneously decide to by 42 brand stickers at 2am one night while black Friday deals were on so I guess it would make sense to include those but I feel like I could step it up a bit.

I like the idea of including a small sticker sheet with my logo in different colours as well as some cute illustrations. I figure that even if the person receiving them isn’t a sticker person, they probably have or know kids who love stickers or just free things and will think they’re really cool. That way even if they aren’t pushed about them they could still be like ‘Oh you’re the one with the stickers, I don’t care much for things like that myself but I gave them to my daughter and she absolutely loved them” or something like that.



Once I had found my inspiration it was time to start sketching my packaging idea…


2d Mockup

After sketching out my ideas I decided to also do a simple 2d mockup of my physical delivery concept…





I really enjoyed exploring different ways to present my cv. I think I came up with a solid concept and although I only got to the mockup stage, I hope to fully realise it sometime in the future. I didn’t mockup my trading cards as business cards idea partly for the reason I mentioned already but also because it would take me a lot of time to design them. I am really fond of the idea though so I am definitely going to work on designing them as a sort of personal project and maybe I’ll post up the process on here.

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