IXD301 Elements Project : Responses and Personas

Questionnaire Responses

So it took a while but I got some responses. I got the five I needed for the kids one but I had to give up on the parents one because I only got one response back. With the questionnaire I also sent a couple screens just for them to look at and my mum was saying that ones at work said they got really into it and one even said that this is something they want to do now when they grow up.

As you’ve probably gathered, the response once I got on the design elements was over all positive but lets have a look at all the responses I got…


With some of the questions I asked about games I was trying to test a hypothesis that having things like customisability and collecting things add incentive that is necessary to keep children invested. When designing my app, even though it’s just a prototype for an assignment the way I’m going about designing it and thinking of features is considering longevity and how it would keep kids playing even if they read through all the facts on elements which is why I though of being able to customise the rooms and unlock new style with points you collect with mini games. The funny thing is I didn’t show these kids my home screen because the background wasn’t done and I never mentioned these features. At the end I asked for suggestions and it amazes me that a couple of the kids suggested these ideas of adding incentive one kid said the exact thing about using points to decorate the room. Basically me and these kids are like minded which is great because it means my I know my users.

My User Personas

Here are my personas I put together based on all my user research…

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