Year: 2021

IXD102 Project Links

Type Specimen Blog Post:   Group Presentation Google Slides: Blog Post:   Web Essay GitHub: Blog Post:…Continue Reading IXD102 Project Links

IXD101 Coursework Submissions

My Manifesto: 9 Iterations:   Follow the Rhythm:   GitHub:   All module related posts can be found by searching #101…Continue Reading IXD101 Coursework Submissions

1xd102- Lecture content reflection

In this post I’ll be looking back at the IXD102 modules from the last 12 weeks. Week 1- Introduction to Communication Design This weeks lecture gave me a great overview of the module by briefly going backwards through time from look at what interaction design may look like in the future to internet history all…Continue Reading 1xd102- Lecture content reflection

1XD102- Web Essay Development From Start to Finish

I chose Paula Scher as the topic of my web essay. A few weeks before the brief I had watched her episode of Abstract on Netflix and I was amazed that I had never heard of her prior to that.  I thought she was so cool and so she instantly came to mind when thinking…Continue Reading 1XD102- Web Essay Development From Start to Finish