IXD301 Week 13 : Final Presentation

To finish up this module we were given the task of presenting the work we’d done on our portfolios and elements projects to date in 10 minutes. I did mine on Wednesday morning.

Slide Planning


You can see them here.


I was feeling quite nervous about the presentation before in and about saying everything I had to say in he time limit but it would seem that when I got started, my years of doing speech and dram exams kicked in and the presentation went quite well. I timed my presentation before going in and I was a bit over but then after reading over my cue cards a few times and being mindful about my timing, I made good time.

Comparing my experience of this presentation with that of my product pitch for IXD302 last week in which my nerves did effect my delivery a bit. I think the reason that this presentation went a lot more smoothly is largely because I wasn’t trying to prove why a product should exist, I was just talking about myself and the work I ‘d done for my projects so far.

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