IXD301 Elements Project : Inspiration and Initial Sketches

Finding Inspiration

Before getting stuck into designing my Portfolio Site I had to look for inspiration. Here’s where I found it…


I find that pinterest is a great place to gather lots of inspiration quickly and effectively. I have lots of boards on pinterest for different aspects of design that I was able to tap into but also I made some special new boards pertaining specifically to this project. You can find my pinterest here.




I also found lots of inspiration scrolling through Dribbble when I looked up games.

What I was into as a kid

I drew a lot of inspiration from thinking about some of the computer games and video games I played at that age.

  • The flash games I played for hours on end when I was little like what was on girls go games but particularly the mattel ones like My Scenes flash games came to mind.


  • games you had an account for like moshi monsters (rip)

  • I also looked back to some of the Nintendo games I played that I felt fit the concept I am going with. Animal Crossing, Cooking Mama and Style Boutique were the first to come to mind.


What kids today are into

Then since my target demographic is 10 year olds of the hear and now, In obviously had to look at the games they enjoy…


Some Initial Sketches

I then did some quick little sketches. to get my ideas down..

  • Logo (Here I came up with a name also “Elements Unpacked”)
  • Character Design
  • Some loose home screen sketches




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