IXD301- Planning For Case Studies

Exploring layout

I learned a lot about narrative design and what to consider when putting case studies together in week 2’s lecture. I bought and read this book by Beth Tondreau which has great stuff in it to learn about all the different layout methods over a variety of different types of content.

Here are some of the different methods I found the most interesting and relevant to the way I’m thinking laying out my case studies.



I love how the last method was to just ignore the rules and “learn from the nuggets in this book, but think for yourself”. That’s I plan to do with mine. I want my layout to be neat and tidy but also have a nice waterfall like flow to it.


Write content

My rationale for writing my case studies is narrative, reflective, brief and reflective. Not to brag but I was pretty good at writing personal essays in English class in Secondary school so I’m feeling confident that I can achieve all this. I also considered my brands tone of voice when writing


Next is learning how to use webflow and coding my site. My case studies will be up on there to read.

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