IXD104 : My Travel App So Far

In week 6 we had a group critique on Miro and I had 3 of my travel app screens digitised for that.


Here are the critiques I got from my class mates:

Considering the critiques I got I made some slight alterations and I started digitising some more screens. The minimum quantity of screens required for this deliverable is six so I picked out six screen ideas from my rough sketches and drew them out big with a sharpie. I decided that I would digitise these ones first and then after decide if there where any other screens I would need to include to provide context for the icons and the apps purpose.

It was during the digitisation process that I realised that one of these screens wasn’t really necessary to show or possibly even have in the app at all. I rational is that on the trips page you should be able to click on the date on the calendar to access your menu for that day rather than the entire calendar being a big button that you click to take you to a list of days to click on.

So here are the screens I ended up with:

I ended up developing a plus icon and an edit icon for these screens. I added the edit icon to the menu screen as well. I after this I decided that I would need to do some more screens, mainly because I hadn’t included a city illustration yet.

When coming up with a city illustration I looked a three main landmarks: Atomium, Grand Place and Parc du Cinquanteraire.

I sketched these out roughly based on what I saw to get an idea of the shapes and necessary details to include ignorer for my illustrations to be recognisable.

From this I decided on something like this for the illustration.

I think I’m going to do in a similar style to what I did for the 9 iterations project just using outlines but this time I’ll round the lines out a bit so that they are less harsh and fit with the cute light hearted them of the app.

From there I decided that this would feature in the food section under Brussels and underneath would be recommended places based on whatever a persons dietary requirements or tastes where that they entered in the questionnaire when they first enter the app.

I think I will also do a favourites menu screen if I have time but I’m still figuring out what I’d do for that. Anyway, this is what I have for now that I’m pretty happy with and I will post an update when I have all my screens done.


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