Ixd104 Week 3: Reproduction task + travel app illustration inspiration board

Illustration Reproduction Task 

This week we were tasked with another master/apprentice exercise but this time with a city illustration instead of  travel icons. This time I used illustrator as I’m better at using the pen and curvature tools on there than Figma.

Here is the original that I tried to reproduce:

and here is what I ended up with on illustrator:

This time I didn’t use the dropper and just used the closest colours from my palette so it’s not the exact same colour wise but I think it still looks pretty good.


Illustration Pinterest Board

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been adding to this Pinterest board entitled “Illustration Inspiration”. I started pretty basic, just city illustrations but as I kept going I started to focus on adding examples of the sort of style I want to go for. I’m necessarily going for the trippy, fever dream look that some of these illustrations seem to have about them but more so I’m looking at the implementations of flat colours and bold lines. I want my app to be fun, cute, playful and exiting in a way that would appeal to a young adult demographic, so this board has lots of examples of what I’m thinking of. Basically it should give you a good sense of the style and feel I want my travel app to have.

Here is a link: https://www.pinterest.ie/laurabfoy/travel-app-illustration-inspiration/

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